Tuesday, September 13, 2016


BrushO, BrushO, BrushO
BrushO everyday
Father, Mother Brother, Sister
BrushO everyday

BrushO are watercolor ink crystals.  Quite intense.  Dyes your hands all kinds of colors.  Our teacher for the day was Lori.  Great Job. 

First we sprayed starch and then spritzed the watercolor crystals on the sheet of watercolor paper then another spritz of spray starch and covered it with saran wrap.  I thought we were making a special culinary creation. We took them outside for baking  (aka drying).  

Oh what fun the ladies had. Could have fooled me I thought they were sniffing fumes.  Look at their look of divine inspiration. 
Stunning colors.

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merriberri said...

OMG this looks so interesting - sorry I missed mixed media. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and that I will be able to identify those who participated by the color of the hands. Great job Lorie!!!