Monday, October 3, 2016

Art Warror Dolls Return

The Art Warrior class had to have a second session for those that need this type of intervention.  These dolls are created with scraps of fabric and a whole lot of creativity.  Each doll  is stuffed inside with magic and creativity.  Any time you need inspiration just squeeze and the magic appears and the creativity flows.
The dolls special personality  emerges as you sew.
  There is even a Miss Frankenstein. 


 Sharon was gifted Slenderella.  A doll to go with her on her journey of weight loss.  Inside is a thin person.  Way to go Sharon and Slenderella. 

 Finding the right fabric takes some time.  Red, white and black.  Black, white and red.  Opps there is a piece with the wrong colors.  Michyle finds just the right combination. 
 Lorie has finished Esmerellda.  She even has a purse.  Guess what is inside her purse?  Humor.  Everyone should carry their hurmor with them. 
 Sandy is such fun to have in class.  She is making the Dragon Slayer.

 Janey, Michyle and Renee are having a contest to see who can finish first.  NOT
Kathy is busy designing her LulaRoe tights for her Art Warrior. 
Shane is getting her sewing JUJU going. 

 Dolls are almost complete.  Sandy , Renee and Jeanette are each about 75% done. 
Uh oh more dolls for the runway.  Michyle, Kathy and Jeanette just beaming with pride. 
Nancy Roberts doll can even sew.  Way too cute. 
The Goat Girls, Celeste and Merri know how to create a herd.  Join us for our next class.  Information will be posted soon.  Already postd on Facebook. 

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Nancy said...

There's no turning back- once you make one, more will follow!