Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pearl Button Necklace

The Studio hosted JoEl Levy Logiudice for a workshop titled
Pearl Button Panache.

 All materials were supplied except the pearl buttons.   

 Time for lunch. 

Look at that cute outfit.  Forget the food.  Somebody is "Roe"ing besides Kathy.

 Some people tried to use a different focal piece.  

 Not really,  it was to mark the middle of the necklace.

 No Jeanette that is not a Pearl Button.  Ha ha. 
 Look Debby, Renee, Sandy, Jeanette and Pearl are busy working.

Debby got many compliments when she wore her necklace out. 

Love the star.  

Go Sandy Go. Make that turquoise work. 

 Renee created a great look combining different metals together. 

Sheila is a work in progress.  Her necklace too.  

 These next pieces are yo-yo's with pearl buttons.
  That will be our next workshop in the spring. 

 Merri McKenzie's necklace.  

Jeanette Slaymaker created a nostalgia piece.  

 Celeste used bone underwear buttons as well as Pearl buttons.
  Uh-oh someone is missing their underwear buttons.   

Kathy finished this lovely piece. 

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